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Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)


Author of You Can't Stay There

Chicago native

Jennifer Klesman

"Become the person that you had needed when you were younger" is a quote that inspired me to become a social worker and a therapist. I spent my first seven years in the field as a high school social worker. I loved helping kids who otherwise wouldn't have had access to a therapist and counseling. However, school is not a place for therapy, it's a place for education - so eventually, I left to make my favorite part of the job my entire job. 

In 2018, I joined Cityscape Counseling in Chicago and began my work in private practice, where I have happily been ever since.  

It was when I found myself newly on the other side of healing from my own breakup that I began to support friends who were only just starting that journey of their own. My fingers ached from the long text messages I would compose as I shared the knowledge and tactics that had gotten me through the hard times. That was when I realized that I was already writing this book. It just needed to be organized and composed. 


From there, my new mantra quickly became, "Write the book that you needed."

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