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You Can't Stay There
Surviving a Breakup One Moment at a Time


You Can't Stay There is a book for the process. 

It is for the very first day and initial months that a breakup has disrupted your life. When you feel crazy for not being "over it," look to this book. When everyone says you just have to let go and move on, that is when you look to this book. In the quiet moments when you're alone at 2 A.M., you can’t sleep, and no one is around to talk, open this book.

Whether you’re in the early or late aftermath of a breakup, you aren’t always going to have the capacity to read lengthy chapters, so this book is designed to be an easy-to-digest comfort to pick up any time you need it.


It is there to validate, meet you where you're at in the process, and get you through this loss and all of the feelings that come with it. 

Available for purchase here on Amazon & at Amazon UK

Breakup book Jennifer Klesman
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